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Patient MediGoTurkey how to reach?

Patients to MediGoTurkey

  • Through the website of MedigoTurkey
  • MedigoTurkey’s patient relations experts by phone or mail
  • in their own country can reach through MedigoTurkey representatives.

Treatment Planning Process

If our patients want to come in the operation planning process, we are glad to plan the treatment process with them.

However, when our patients send us all their medical information and examination results, we share with them by preparing patient-specific treatment plans for the doctors in their field.    

If the patient is used more than one method for treatment, it is decided which method to choose by contacting the patient.

Patients have the opportunity to quickly access medical assessments the best of the field physicians with MediGoTurkey. The condition of the patients is evaluated within 24 hours and the return to the patient is provided.

Patients can compare by accessing all information about all centers where they can be treated.  

Patients can compare with knowledge of all medical technologies to be used in treatment.

Patients can compare by reaching all alternative price options for their treatment and choose the most suitable option for their budgets.   


Arrival to Turkey

Flight tickets depending on the patient’s request MediGoTurkey or taken by the patient.

If the patient’s health is not favorable for airplane travel, patient is taken from the location of the airplane ambulance by MediGoTurkey.  

If you need to stay in the hotel before or during the treatment of patients, depending on their own wishes hotel reservations made by MediGoTurkey. MediGoTurkey has contracted hotels located in close to hospitals all over Turkey. Patients can choose the hotels they want to stay in line with their budget.

When patients come to Turkey, is met by the MediGoTurkey patient representative at the airport and be provided the transfer to the hotel or hospital.

Treatment Process

Treatments are done in hospitals with JCI certified High Medical Technology and doctors best in the field.

On the day of treatment, patients’ transfer to the hospital from the hotel or airport is made by MediGoTurkey.

Patients, who accompanying with them and can speak the same language as the patient thanks to their MediGoTurkey assistants do not experience communication problems. 

MedigoTurkey 24/7 is located next to patients.

Each stage of treatment is followed by MediGoTurkey doctors.

Isometric Medicine Composition

Departure from Turkey

MediGoTurkey, the day the patient is discharged from the hospital makes all necessary organization for separation.

Patients are informed about control appointments and postoperative care before leaving the hospital.

The patient is transferred to the airport.

If requested by the patient, paid by the patient, tourist trips are organized by MediGoTurkey.

After Treatment 

After patients return to their country MediGoTurkey after treatment can always contact for care. MediGoTurkey’s doctors in the relevant countries follow the patients’ post-treatment care process.  

You don’t have to explore hospital, treatment options and price alternatives for the treatment of your illness. MedigoTurkey does all the research for you and shares all the alternatives with you.

All treatment processes of patients MediGoTurkey team and MediGoTurkey is followed by doctors and patients and patients are regularly informed.


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