Beard Transplantation.
Beard transplantation is usually done by adding the hair roots from another part of the body to the beard area. The hair roots to be used during beard transplantation are usually taken from the nape region. The hair roots transplanted during beard transplantation are planted at the same angles in accordance with the beard structure of the person. Transplantation angle is important for a natural look.

Roots to be taken from the donor area should have single hair roots in particular. The roots taken from the nape are separated individually. In its natural appearance, there are single hair roots in the beard area. Treatment should be performed by an experienced and expert doctor on beard transplantation. The choice of donor zone may differ. Transplanting can be done to tighten the sparse areas of the beard by taking the roots in the unnecessary part of the face. It can be transplanted in the sparse area of the beard by taking unnecessary hairs on the cheekbone. 0. 6-0. There is no trace when careful purchase with 7 mm diameter tips and manually. Roots taken from the region, which is intense in regional beard loss, can be transplanted in sparse parts and adapted to the beard.

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