FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction.
This method, discovered after the FUT technique, has become the most preferred hair transplant since it was applied. In the FUE hair transplant method, grafts are collected from the donor area.

In the Fue method, the hair roots are collected with one care and are kept ready for planting in a special solution.

The cut and stitching process in hair transplantation disappeared with the FUE method. The advantage of the FUE hair transplant method is that unlike the FUT technique, there are no sewing marks and incisions. Therefore, the most used hair transplant method today is the FUE method.

In the FUE method, there is no trace in the nape region. Hair roots are delicately removed, prepared for processing and planted individually on the opened channels. In the FUE method, the operation time varies according to the number of hair roots to be planted.

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