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In patients who apply with the physician upon their complaints or for other reasons such as general health screening, a biopsy process is planned by determining how to approach the masses detected as a result of CT with lung x-ray that can be withdrawn as a result of examination or under screening.

Lung biopsy is performed by applying bronchoscopy to the patient. Bronskopi; reaching the lung with a thin bendable tube and taking parts with the needle.

Cancer diagnosis is finalized as a result of the pathological examination of this biopsy sample. Methods such as PET/CT can be used to detect the prevalence of the disease after cancer diagnosis.

Treatment Methods

The most important factors in determining treatment in lung cancers are the type and stage of cancer. In appropriate patients, the lung or lung section with cancer can be removed by surgical methods. Chemotherapy can be administered in patients who are considered unfavorable for surgery.

In addition, new treatments such as smart drugs and immunotherapy can be used if cancer cells have certain properties, which are among the new treatment methods.

Paths to Protection from Lung Cancer

  • Avoid cancer-making substances such as smoking and alcohol
  • Thinking positively and avoiding stress
  • Avoiding radiation
  • Tar, gasoline, paint materials, asbestos etc. paying attention to the failure to breathe substances
  • Avoiding air pollution
  • Maintaining a healthy diet.
Lung Cancer
Lung cancer, where smoking is one of the main factors, ranks first in cancer-related deaths. However, when caught in the early stage, the chance of treatment of the disease increases.

Lung cancer begins with the need and out of control of cells that are structurally from normal lung tissue, creating a mass (tumor) in the lung. The mass formed here grows primarily in its environment, and in later stages it spreads to the surrounding tissues or distant organs (liver, bone, brain, etc.) through circulation, causing damage.

Lung cancer is a fairly common cancer. It accounts for 12-16 percent of all cancers and 17-28 percent of cancer-related deaths. Moreover, it ranks first in cancer-related deaths in both men and women.

Many methods are used for diagnosis. Only 15 percent of patients can be diagnosed early, as this cancer rarely appears before spreading to lymph nodes or other organs in nearby areas. Early diagnosis occurs, often by chance, during examinations due to another disease.

The methods used in the diagnosis of lung cancer today are as follows:

  • Radiological examinations (Lung plot, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, PET/CT) additionally sputum sample review
  • Endoscopic evaluation of bronchi (bronchoscopy
  • Biopsy made of bronchoscopic or chest wall
  • Mediastinoscopy and video assisted thoracoscopic surgery for the evaluation of lymph nodes in mediastinum.

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