What is Organ Transplant?
The transplantation of all or part of the organ that cannot perform its duty in the body taken from a live donor or people with brain death is called ‘’organ transplantation’’.

It is called operations where an organ transplant organ is removed from the donor, that is, the donor body, and then placed in a recipient body to replace a damaged or missing organ. The donor and recipient may be in the same position, or organs from a donor in a separate area can be transferred to the recipient elsewhere.  

Organs or tissues to be transplanted can be taken from live bodies or cadavers. Transplantation medicine is one of the most challenging and complex areas of modern medicine. Organs that can be successfully transplanted today are heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine, thymus and uterus. When medical data are examined globally, it seems that the most common transplanted organs are the kidneys, followed by the liver and the heart.

Serotyping should be performed to determine the most appropriate donor-buyer match to minimize the possibility of transplant rejection in cases where appropriate. In addition, the use of immunosuppressant drugs can reduce the possibility of transplant rejection.

Textures that can be transported are bones, tendons, cornea, skin, heart valves, nerves and veins. Bone and tendon transplantation are called musculoskeletal grafts. Cornea and musculoskeletal grafts are the most frequently transplanted tissues, and such transplants are performed much more widely than organ transplants.

People who donate organs may be living, dead or brain death, and individuals who live with machines. It is possible to use the organs removed from the body for transplant within 24 hours after the heartbeat stops or brain death occurs. Most tissue types, except corneas, can be preserved for up to five years, unlike organs, and stored in special tissue banks.

What are Organ Transplant Types??
Organ and tissue transplantation can occur in several types depending on who the recipient is. If the same person is both a recipient and a donor, that is, organ or tissue transplantation within the same body is called ‘’autograft’’. Transfers between two individuals of the same type are called ‘’allogrefts’’. Allografts can originate from a living body or cadaver.
How is the place of Turkey in the World in terms of Organ Transplantation?
There are organ transplant centers equipped with the latest  high technological devices with highly experienced surgeons in every region of Turkey. Success rates achieved in these centers are at the same or even better level as the most developed centers in the World.

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