Smile Desing.
The general face shape of the person at the moment of smile is a recording and design that we make for the person to achieve the ideal appearance in the relationship and proportions of the lips, cheeks, teeth and gums. Our aim in this design is; To determine the situation that distorts the aesthetic image and to create a beautiful and aesthetic smile we want with various aesthetic dentistry practices in line with the expectations of the person.

For a beautiful / aesthetic smile, you must first have gums and teeth that match your face shape, lip structure and shape. Here is the smile design, to combine naturalness and function with your personal features and wishes, to create the ideal smile that best suits your face.

The smile design is a series of aesthetic procedures that involve the changes applied to the tooth and surrounding tissues to make the patient smile. While smile aesthetics can be provided with a few sessions of teeth whitening treatment according to the expectations of the patients; sometimes it may involve a complex treatment process that may require intervention in one or more teeth, gums, and bone tissue under the gum.

As a result of the analyzes to be made by taking the patient’s face shape, skin color, character and expectations on the photos taken during the examination and dental models, the new smiles can be shown to the patients on the photo and in the mouth. Thus, the patient and physician can decide the course of treatment together and the risk of encountering a surprise result is eliminated.

Perfect Tooth and Smile Design is Possible with Digital Smile Design!
In order to have an aesthetic smile, all measurements should be made from the lip to the nose and the forms of the teeth should be planned according to these measurements. Because when dental aesthetics and smile design are evaluated as a whole, they can give “ideal results”. After evaluating various factors such as axes of teeth, distance of nose wings, smile design should be planned.

Of course, the only purpose in the design of the smile is not the creation of dental aesthetics. Another aim in this design should be to bring the dental tissue and health to an ideal level. With the smile aesthetics applications tailored for the individual, when all the factors that prevent the smile are resolved, a “golden ratio in the teeth” can be obtained.

Various applications such as zircon crown, teeth whitening, gingival operations, bonding applications, tooth length adjustment, bridges and lip shaping can also be done to get ideal results from the smile design. The reason for these applications is that sometimes there are situations that will prevent getting the “ideal result”. The smile design can be completed in a short time immediately after treatment options such as orthodontics, implants, crown bridges.


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