Obesity, which is among the diseases of the modern age, is a serious problem that threatens human life as it plays a role in the formation of many deadly diseases as well as the problems it causes in the body. In general, obesity disease is the state of excessive increase in fat mass in the body compared to lean mass such as muscle, skeleton and water. In other words, body weight is above normal compared to height length. Obesity, which is one of the primary causes of many chronic diseases such as insulin resistance and diabetes that develop due to excess adipose tissue, is often a disease that can be prevented by diet and supportive slimming methods. However, in obesity patients with a high level of obesity and at high risk, treatment can also be performed with obesity surgery methods such as stomach reduction surgery, tube stomach surgery, gastric bypass in line with the physician recommendation.

Tube Stomach Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy).
Sleeve Gastrectomy (Tube Stomach Surgery) is one of the restrictive surgeries of food intake commonly applied in obesity surgery. Patients with Tube Stomach Surgery with Sleeve Gastrectomy method do not have an absorption problem and therefore no routine vitamin and mineral supplements are required.

Roux en Y Gastric Bypass.
It is one of the most common obesity surgery surgeries in the world. As of today, roux-en-Y is considered the safest and most effective method among surgery methods used in gastric bypass attenuation surgery. The stomach reduction bypass method applied in patients with type 2 diabetes is very effective in putting diabetes into remission by giving effective results. This laparoscopic surgery requires advanced laparoscopic surgery skill and experience. This surgery can be done with relatively low morbidity and mortality after reaching a certain experience.

Stomach Balloon.
It is a silicone balloon that is inflated to a volume of 500-700 cc with serum physiological after the stomach balloon is placed endoscopically in the stomach. In this way, fullness is created in the stomach and a feeling of satiety is provided. It is a temporary weight loss method that does not require hospitalization, which is performed endoscopic and same day surgery in those who cannot lose weight with diet and exercise, those who do not want to have surgery, and patients at high risk of surgery.
Taking the food groups that the body needs to maintain our health and improve our quality of life is defined as nutrition. The energy spent with the energy received for a healthy diet must be in balance. If the energy received is more than the energy spent, fat is stored in the person’s body and there is weight gain. After making the necessary examination in dietary treatment, a nutrition program is prepared in accordance with the age, height, weight, gender, and physical activity level of the person. Programs are planned individually, taking into account the level of body weight that should be according to height.

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